Work Offered:

1. Coaching – executive, somatic certified, adult development certified

2. Coaching programmes – for new and experienced coaches

3. Leadership programmes for public and private sector

4. Facilitation – groups

5. Culture change programmes

6. Coaching Group Supervision Facilitation

7. Talent programmes

8. Performance Culture

Associate Description

Recent quotes of positive activity:

  • “I am really pleased with the impact the course is having on our employes.  We have certainly seen a change in our employees in the way they approach their day to day duties with many more confident in decision making and time management.  We are looking forward to seeing our staff and working environment develop further” – Jamie Edwards STITC Chief Executive about L5 Leadership Programme for Senior Managers
  • “The Somatic coaching that Caroline has brought to our sessions is truly powerful stuff.  It has provided me with a strong internal place of safety that I can access at any time.  It has enabled me to realise what’s important to me and to focus on my sense of purpose and build my inner confidence.  I would recommend this process to anyone who wants to develop their personal insight and unlock their potential, it’s a powerful combination that breaks unhelpful patterns and grounds you in your values.” – Coaching Client



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