NEREO is an organisation that understands the needs of Elected Members and works closely with them for the benefit of their authority and the region.

NEREO delivers a wide variety of learning and development opportunities for Elected Members as well as regular forums for debate.

In addition, we can support in-house training programmes on a consultancy basis or provide the names of other providers through our Associates Scheme.

“Thank you for your help and advice on Chairing meetings, I found this training session very valuable and look forward to   Chairing next Council meeting with an added confidence.”

We can assess authorities for the National Member Charter and Charter Plus Awards, which are recognised as awards in excellence for Member Learning & Development (see below).

We facilitate two regional Scrutiny Networks – one for Members and officers working together to tackle the big issues of the day for Scrutiny and to work with national bodies such as CfPS to share good practice.  The other network is for Scrutiny Officers who wish to improve the way they work with Members.  There is also a closely associated Health Scrutiny Network.

There is also a Member Development Officers’ group to share best practice across the region’s twelve MDOs and others tasked with supporting learning for Elected Members.

Member Charter and Charter Plus

NEREO and the LGA continue to support the Member Development Charter and Charter Plus based on the successful model developed by North West Employers.

The Charter is managed by NEREO for councils committing across the region and is based on a national criteria set by the LGA.  NEREO has a number of member peers to act as assessors.  They are drawn from the LGA Peer Clearing House and also recruited regionally.  All prospective peer assessors are required to undertake training, part of an LGA accredited programme.If you require any additional information please contact Maureen O’Keefe: