North East Jobs ( is the leading public sector jobs and recruitment website in the North East of England.

We carry over 1000 public sector, education and charity vacancies each month from the main public sector bodies in the region.  Generating traffic of close to half a million jobseekers in the same time period.
Since starting in 2008 the website has helped hundreds of thousands of jobseekers find employment.  It has also saved millions in spend on advertising for the Organisation’s using the platform.  The website has become an integral part of the public sector landscape in the North East of England and is a shining star of the forward thinking attitudes towards technology in the region.  Further it highlights how working co-operatively can achieve great things.

Advertising With Us

Advertising on the recruitment system can be achieved though a ‘Pay As You Go’ service from as little as £75 per advert.  Alternatively you can make use of cost effective yearly subscriptions.  These allow access to not only our advertising, but also a highly configurable and efficient vacancy and applicant administration system.

Administation Facilities

Everything from vacancy approval to online application, web based shortlisting, online references, self select interview times and more are available to you.  These can be operated within the system by any individual you want to carry out the task.  Full training, configuration and support is standard as part of the subscription model as well.

Further functionality includes, but is not limited to –

  • Aggregation of vacancies to social media, platforms such as Find a Job and further is standard for all vacancies.
  • Powerful talent pool and profile search tools.
  • Jobseekers can store application details against their account.  This saves spending hours completing education and employment history each time they apply for a position.
  • Application forms can be adapted ad-hoc to the requirements of the job.  Relevant questions can be added rather than a standard block of text around skills, knowledge and experience.  Tailoring the information you ask up front saves time and takes the stress out of shortlisting.
  • A full reporting suite is accessible allowing for easy analysis of your recruitment activities.
The system is fully featured and built on a mature and sophisticated platform.  The team supporting it have decades of experience between them in public sector recruitment.
More than this it is supported by a desire of NEREO to make something fantastic that is of benefit to the entire geographic area of the North East.

North East jobs only features genuine employers and real opportunities.

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