Job evaluation is a systematic process for establishing the relative value of jobs. The principles that underpin NEREO’s approach to effective job evaluation are;

  • Ensure that the job evaluation scheme to be used is appropriate for all jobs;
  • Involve job holders in the process as much as possible to ensure all relevant job information is collected through specially designed job evaluation questionnaires and, where appropriate, interviews with employees;
  • A consistent approach to making judgements on job sizing;
  • Ensure that the process followed and outcomes provide as much protection as possible against equal pay type challenges.

Job evaluation is one means of defining a grading structure. It is part of a complex process.

NEREO can help organisations through this complexity in a number of ways. We can:

  • Train job evaluators
  • Deliver in-house briefings
  • Project manage in-house delivery
  • Project manage  “independent” delivery
  • Design salary and grading structures

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