Main areas of work:

  1. Mediation Services
  2. Job Evaluation Training on NJC
  3. Job Evaluation using the NJC Scheme or Korn Ferry Hay Scheme
  4. Cultural Enquiries
  5. Service Review and Redesign
  6. EDI Training Interventions on Racial Micro Aggressions, Unconscious Bias
  7. Senior Management Away Days
  8. Improving Dysfunctional Teams

Associate Description

Recent Work

  • Wigan Council – feedback from a highly complex mediation between the Director and Service Manager was that I was highly skilled at mediations with very effective approach to facilitating the conversation.  By navigating through the motivations and needs of the participants, I was able to positively influence the experience of resolving their issues with one another,
  • Merseyside Waste – I have been recently complimented on my expertise in design and my ability to effectively diagnose he as is and put forward operating model and structure options for the organisation to adopt.  Working closely with SLT and key stakeholders, I have successfully supported their change blueprint for the future.