Main areas of work:

  • Committee Skills – including Chairing Full Council; Committee Chairing Skills; Committee Skills for all Councillors; Virtual Committee Skills for Officers; Chamber Skills for Councillors and Groups; Code of Conduct and Ethical Leadership
  • Scrutiny Skills and Developing the Role and Impact of Scrutiny – including Budget Scrutiny Skills; Best Practice Scrutiny Review Skills; Best Practice Committee Scrutiny Skills; Facilitated Support for Scrutiny Reviews
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – including Practical Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Ward Leadership – including Launching Online Surgeries; Speaking at Community and Civic Events; Casework and Advocacy Skills; Enforcement Issues in the Ward; Personal Safety Skills training for Councillors
  • Regulatory Committee Skills – including Planning Committee Skills for Robust Decisions; Licensing and Licensing Appeals
  • Communication Skills for Members and Officers – including Social Media Safety and Effectively; Media Skills for Councillors and Officers; Public Speaking Skills for Members or Officers
  • Developing Leaders and Teams – Leadership Development for Executive Members; Leading through Change and Uncertainty (for Officers); High Performance Teamworking; Report Writing and Presenting Skills for Officers

Associate Description

Previous work:

Member Training – Social Media, Community Leadership – South Cambs District Council

7 regional seminars “”Scrutiny Best Practice”” – Welsh Local Government Association

Contact details:

Organisation : Link Support Services (UK) Ltd

Email :