Position: NEREO Consultant
Phone: 0191 2493852

  • Providing Strategic Organisational Transformation support with regards to reviewing and restructuring workforce capacity, identifying and implementing cost savings, and implementing new operational models
  • Providing technical support to re-design service operating models, applying recognised best practice methodology
  • Designing and delivering Training Workshops for the purpose of Capacity Building
  • Creating bespoke and tailored training materials, modules and E-learning materials to support organisational development both regionally and nationally
  • Facilitation of the application of Service Reviews (incorporating Lean tools and techniques) to deliver continuous improvement and successfully monitor and measure outcomes and benefits
  • Providing direct Programme and Project Management support to Public Sector organisations to deliver successful outcomes and achieve efficiencies within organisations
  • Providing coaching and mentoring, advice and guidance and team building solutions
Contact me for: 
  • Strategic Organisational Transformation support
  • Reviewing and restructuring workforce capacity
  • Identifying and implementing cost savings
  • Implementing new operational models
  • The delivery of In house training courses
  • The design and development of bespoke training programmes, materials and e learning tools
  • Internal Capacity and capability building support
  • Direct Programme and Project Management support
  • Facilitation, training and delivery of LEAN Service Reviews
  • Change Management support
  • LEAN and Business Process Improvement support and Interventions