Main areas of work:

Coaching in:

  • Writing for any format – from creating promotional literature to reports, minutes and annual reports
  • Self-management – coaching to help people become more efficient and in control, such as time management, delegation, spoken communication, active listening, appraisals and interviews.
  • Confidence coaching – helping people rebuild their confidence after a setback, such as a period of stress; or coaching for people taking a significant step up the career ladder
  • Executive coaching – helping senior people think through their next steps, choose a course of action and communicate effectively throughout

Associate Description

Previous work:

Workshops in effective writing; advanced Writing for Publication for the communications team; dealing with letters and complaints; facilitating senior level discussions, e.g. World Heritage Site Bid and Tyne and Wear City Region communication strategy – Sunderland City Council

Coaching, communication skills’ workshops and facilitation – NGI

Contact details:

Organisation : ARK Associates

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