Work offered

  1. Undertaking independent, complex and sensitive investigations (disciplinary, grievance, dignity at work etc)
  2. Mediation services when relationships within senior teams or with governing bodies have developed issued
  3. Training and development of staff and elected members on good governance practice
  4. Support for complex change management initiatives and organisational transformation
  5. Interim senior management roles
  6. Support for organisations to develop highly effective performance management frameworks and systems
  7. Support for emergency services and local resilience forums with governance or performance issues

Associate Description

Recent Work

  1. “This was a difficult and sensitive investigatioin involving a very senior member of staff.  The situation was handled extremely professionally, in a timeline manner and delivered an outcome fully supported by evidence.” – Peter O’Reilly, Chief Officer, Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service
  2. “Stuart Errington provided a first-class service during the investigation.  His knowledge, experience and expertise were invaluable to the investigation team.” – George Calder, Deputy SiO, Operator Brocket