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NEREO serves and represents the 12 local authorities in the North East of England and approximately 80 Advisory Service Members in the broad field of Human Resource Management, Management Practice and Employee Relations.

The North East region covers the geographical areas of Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and Tees Valley.

  • NEREO offers support to your organisation to build capacity by having the right people in place with the most efficient ways of working.

  • NEREO will help your organisation to build skills through development opportunities for Officers and Members

  • NEREO can use their expertise to advise you on people matters, policy and employment law

Latest News

  • NEREO Executive Committee meetings will be held as follows:

    Tuesday 30 September 2014 - 10am
    Tuesday 25 November 2014 - 10am

    both to be held in Civic Centre, Gateshead.

  • At present only employees with at least 26 weeks' continuous service and who are parents of children under the age of 17 (or 18 if the child is disabled) or who care for dependant adults are eligible to make flexible working requests. This is to change significantly as new rules come into force.

  • Pressure has been mounting on BIS to prevent the negative consequences associated with some zero hours contracts (ZHCs). New policy recommendations from the Labour Party to address alleged abuses, revised estimates from the ONS suggesting a higher use of ZHCs than anticipated and a critical report from the Scottish Affairs Committee into existing safeguards for ZHC workers have all fuelled an already polarised debate in recent weeks. 

  • LGS Pay 2014 : UNISON, GMB and Unite members vote yes to strike action

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