Main areas of work:

  • Training for Staff and Council Members
    • Religious Diversity and Anti-discrimination (two day course*)
    • Anti-semitism and Countering Islamophobia (two day course)
    • Grant Panel Management and best practice (one day course)
  •  Asset Based Community Development (ABCD)
    • This package is about helping to develop a ‘Can Do’ culture with community groups and local people. The objective is to help people to reflect on and work with what they have, rather than dwell on what they have not.
  • Facilitation of, or training, in the “The Power Tool Kit” and “Young People’s Action Pack” (1 day course) 
  • Can Do Coaching (2 day course) 
  • “Cap on Head, Not in hand” – an introduction to ABCD (1 day course) 

(*Duration is indicative of a typical example, but I provide flexibility to adapt to client needs.)

Associate Description

Previous work:

Interim Management of Take Part programme and Community Action Against Crime Innovation Fund, NE grant panel establishment and management, Grass Roots Grants and Hardship Fund Assessor – Community Development Foundation

Bid Writing, commissioning, evaluation and product development – Blue Watch Youth Project

Delivery of Two Day Anti-Discrimination and Religious Diversity Course to staff, stake holders and members – Northumberland County Council

Contact details:

Organsation : Guy Nokes Associates

Email :