Work offered:

  1. Individual coaching and coaching supervision
  2. Senior management expertise in Learning and Development
  3. In depth knowledge of apprenticeships and effective use of Apprenticeship Levy
  4. Member development and Member Coaching
  5. Organisational development strategy and implementation
  6. Training delivery including coaching, safeguarding and equality and diversity
  7. Leadership and Management development, planning, delivery and evaluation of programmes
  8. Policy and Strategy development including Values and Behaviours and Performance Management

Associate Description

Two recent quotes of positive activity:

  • This 3 week training was the most in-depth and well planned induction I have ever attended.  I gained understanding for this industry and Ingeus as an organisation.  Everything was transparent and informative
  • The four coaching instrument in my development.  I sometimes arrived at sessions with negative thoughts about certain aspects of the work I was doing and each time Carolyn brilliantly helped me to look at the situation from different perspective.  This helped me to think in a more balanced way and to challenge my limiting assumptions.  I left every session feeling restored and with belief in my ability.  My reflective practice has also improved e.g. whenI shared that I was struggling with the practice of reflective logs Carolyn helped me to realise that my mindset was key and I was able to switch my approach to be curious to notice what was new or different each time.  I have used outcomes from each session directly in supervision and coaching.  I couldn’t haved hoped for more from the coaching supervision and have no suggestions for improvement.