Nereo's services are many and varied. We have a wealth of experience across the team and amongst our Associates.
We have divided the offer into Support, Develop and Advise - the attributes of NEREO you told us were important to you.


NEREO is happy to support and advise on all aspects of recruitment, from finding you a caretaker to helping you to restructure your entire organisation. 

Business Process Improvement - NEREO develops internal capability and capacity and embeds new behaviour through trainin

Starting to offer your services on a more commercial basis? This could be the programme for you.

NEREO continued to facilitate a number of regional networks, offering colleagues in specialist fields a forum to debate issues, share good practice and deliver economies of scale by minimising dup

The Police Act 1997 established the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) to give employers and voluntary organisations access to criminal record information.

Mediation is a conflict resolution strategy in organisational settings.

NEREOs Associates are a valuable asset to our organisation.

NEREO is committed to supporting Local Authorities, Fire and Rescue Services, and Advisory Service members during the cut-backs.

Programme and Project Management Support

NEREO provides Organisations with direct tailored and bespoke programme and project management support, approaches, and governance arrangements that will help any programme or project in becoming successful.

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Organisational Transformation, Service Review and Re-design Support

NEREO provides innovative Strategic Support, Organisational Transformation, and Service Review and Re-design Support to a variety of organisations, working with CEXs, Senior Management teams and Operational teams.

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Conferences and events are planned according to needs identified by Member Organisations and Partners.

NEREO provides bespoke and tailored in house training support to those organisations which don’t possess the capacity or the capability to deliver the  training courses themselves.  This support w

NEREO provide direct facilitation and training to deliver in house service reviews which deliver measurable efficiencies and improvements.

NEREO is an organisation that understands the needs of Elected Members and works closely with them for the benefit of their authority and the region.

We can help you develop bespoke e-learning materials for many of the development opportunities offered.

Whether you are going through another major change, have a new manager or are forming a new team, NEREO can support you by offering some team development.


NEREO is able to support the Human Resource function in your organisation in a number of ways.

Job evaluation is a systematic process for establishing the relative value of jobs. The principles that underpin NEREO’s approach to effective job evaluation are;

Employment Law is constantly changing to take into accounts rulings in courts both at home and in the European Court.

NEREO represents the North East local authorities at a number of national forums.

NEREO is able to advise organisations on policies and procedures as well as helping you to write them.