Regional Networks

NEREO continued to facilitate a number of regional networks, offering an opportunity for mutual support and sharing good practice.

Current networks supported are detailed below:

The North East Region Strategic HR Forum (NESHRF) is the network for the Directors/Heads of HR from the 12 Councils in the region plus Police and Fire Authorities.

In 2016/17 it met 5 times and is always well attended.

The Network provides an opportunity to share information and best practice, discuss current ‘hot topics’ and receive presentations from invited guests.

It is also a forum where soundings on key issues can be taken helping to advise NEREO and national colleagues.

Date of next meeting : Thursday 22 February 2018, 2pm

Agenda – 30 November 2017

The North East Development Forum was formed in 2011 by joining the Organisational Development Network and the Learning and Development Network.

NED Forum is a great arena for sharing best practice, advice and good ideas. It also offers an opportunity to share lessons learnt to improve outcomes in the future.  However, in the current climate, learning and development and OD have been drastically reduced and the last meeting arranged for April 2016 was cancelled due to low numbers.

The future of the group will be reviewed, therefore, during 2017/18.

Date of next meeting : to be confirmed

Agenda Papers – April 2016

NESHRF NED Meeting 26 Nov – Notes

Education / Children’s HR Group: This Network is for HR staff engaged primarily in delivering HR support to Schools and was originally established in 2009 as a result of plans at that time to create a new National Negotiating Body for non-teaching schools staff.

The idea was dropped, however, the group has continued to meet regularly and meetings are often attended by the LGA lead officer on Education Terms and Conditions and, on occasions, by staff from the Department of Education.

In 2016/17 the group met 4 times.

Date of next meeting : Tuesday 23 January 2018, 2pm

Agenda – 23 January 2018

Notes of Meeting – 19 September 2017

Health and Safety Lead Officers Group allows for shared learning through regular contact between the members at quarterly meetings which are held within the NEREO area.

Sharing best practice, ideas and experiences has been the driving force behind the continued relationships of all the members within the Group. This also allows for training to be advertised to all members which allows for economies of scale and therefore cheaper quotes being achieved.

When requested, you will always find advice forthcoming from the vast wealth of knowledge built up within the teams of the participating Councils.

Meetings are always pleasant and informal with time afterwards to network with fellow practitioners or discuss the matters of the day.

Date of next meeting : Tuesday 13 February 2018

Agenda February 2018

Health and Safety Lead Officer Notes 21 November 2017

LGA Councillor Workbook Health and Safety in the Council

The Regional Scrutiny Officer’s Network provides a forum for officers supporting overview and scrutiny in the 12 north eastern authorities. The Network was established in 2000 and continues to provide officers the chance to share information on key priorities and ideas on improving scrutiny processes.

The Network supports officers to make useful contacts with others, and to share experiences on the significant scrutiny topics, working methods, joint working, delivering outcomes, and scrutiny best practice.

Having skilled officers providing support to our non-executive Members continues to be important in these challenging times. The opportunity for officers to be involved in a collaborative Network can support and inform them in their day-to-day practices.  The Network offers real opportunities to further develop and enhance the role we undertake.

Date of next meeting : to be confirmed

Regional Scrutiny Officers Network Agenda 280217

Notes of NEREO Regional Scrutiny Officers – February 2017

Joint Scrutiny Members/Officers: The Network provides a forum for elected members who have a role within the scrutiny function to meet, make useful contacts with other members and officers, and to share experiences.  This includes sharing ideas on improving scrutiny processes and enhancing effectiveness.  The Network provides a link between the north east authorities and the Centre for Public Scrutiny, for example where there is an impact on the scrutiny function of national policy developments.

The Network works to forge relationships between scrutiny and partner organisations and commissioners, and council leaders or elected mayors and their executive colleagues. Most importantly for the future of scrutiny, the Network continues to consider the role of scrutiny within local government and how it adds value to public service provision.

Date of next meeting : Tuesday 24 April 2018, 10.30-12.30, Committee Room 2, County Hall, Durham

Agenda 12 Jan 2018 – (v2)

Possible future topics

Joint Regional Member Officer Scrutiny Network Notes – 8 July 2016

Health Integration Network emerged from the Public Health Issues Group which was set up to ensure collaboration across the region to ensure the smooth transfer of Public Health staff from Primary Care Trusts to local authorities on 1st April 2013. Given the impact this group had on the smooth and effective transfer it was agreed that the group would continue to meet on a quarterly basis going forward.

The group maintains a close link with the LGA whose representative attends all meetings, and its advice and opinions are frequently sought at a national level.

The Terms of Reference for the Group were updated in 2016 and it continues to meet 3/4 times per year.

Date of next meeting : to be confirmed

Agenda Papers – 9 October 2017

The Equalities and Diversity Network: The Equalities Network has only had one meeting this year. This is due to changes within the local authorities and also at the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, which has supported the Network for the past 8 years.

Date of next meeting : Wednesday 28 March 2018, 1pm

Agenda Papers – September 2017

Equalities Group – 20 September 2017 – Notes