Councillor Skills (Ronnie Farley and Marilyn Box)

Main areas of work:

  • Councillor Skills
  • Wardwork, Casework and Surgeries
  • Effective Meetings
  • Speaking in Public
  • Media Awareness
  • Member/Officer Relationships
  • Political Awareness for Officers
  • Role of the Civic Head and Team

Associate Description

Previous work:

Councillor Skills provide seminars designed and delivered by a former Council Leader and a Training & Development Officer

During the last eighteen years, they have provided seminars/workshops for over 150 Local Authorities, Employers’ Organisations, the Local Government Association, Solace Enterprises, the National Association of Civic Officers and the Society of Chief Personnel Officers

Contact details:

Organisation : Councillor Skills (Ronnie Farley and Marilyn Box)

Email :

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